Welcome to Basic Breadboard Electronics!


This site is designed to train and empower anyone with an interest in electronics to be able to master the basics. We will cover component identification and properties, Ohm’s Law, power, test equipment, common analog and digital circuits, sensors, motors, integrated circuits, microprocessors and modules. The theory will be limited to the scope of a weekend hobbiest and what is needed to enable you to confidently select the best component values and develop your own projects.

In partnership with Jaycon Systems this material will be presented in a series of weekend clinics and kits will be available at a cost of $10USD each week to parallel the tutorials; (kits are optional, participants may bring their own parts); so by the end of the series everyone should have amassed a good lab stock of materials with the knowledge to fully utilize them.

Besides electronic hobbiest, this material can help the many professionals that interact with electrical engineers and technicians (managers, buyers, planners, quality, assembly) by imparting an understanding of the fundamental principles in layman’s language. I aim to take the mystery out of how everything electrical works!

For an idea of the kind of projects this knowledge will foster, please take a look at my Tech Blog web site http://jmd.dev4.webenabled.net/

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